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Revolutionary biohealth labs and researchers

The BioHealth Informatics Research Center at IUPUI gives corporate partners unprecedented access to emerging technologies and some of the best minds in bioinformatics today. BHIR provides you with expertise in biohealth informatics to improve outcomes and overall results in health care.

Biomedical Lab

Biohealth informatics defined

Starting at the molecular level and moving up to entire populations, biohealth informatics recognizes that people are the ultimate users of biomedical information. It employs advanced scientific techniques across multiple disciplines, drawing on social and behavioral sciences to create practical and usable solutions to health data problems. Biohealth informatics combines biological, biomedical, and health sciences with specialized expertise in informatics. It uses biomedical data for problem-solving and decision-making to improve our health and our health systems.


Our convenient location on the IUPUI campus, in the heart of thriving downtown Indianapolis, gives our partners significant visibility in central Indiana. As part of the Department of BioHealth Informatics within the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering in Indianapolis, our credibility and resources are well-recognized. We can enhance your organization through our university-industry partnerships, offering access to best practices and intellectual support. Find out how BHIR can work with you.

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Our Mission

Developing data solutions to improve human health

The BioHealth Informatics Research Center is building a collaborative, interdisciplinary, and innovative informatics community where:

  • Organizations flourish by using their data assets to improve efficiency and create new products.
  • Faculty engagement in research and development for real-world issues leads to new technology, product development, and improved health system results.
  • Corporate partners have early access to top talent from project collaborations with informatics graduates and faculty.
  • We support IUPUI’s mission and add distinction as one of the nation’s first centers of this kind.