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On the cusp of biomedical science innovation

Your organization can gain access to the highest level of informatics expertise. By partnering with the BioHealth Informatics Research Center at IUPUI, you benefit from advanced techniques and methods to help solve your data problems, improve operations, and create new products.


Direct access to academic researchers—who are on the cutting edge of biohealth informatics developments before they hit the market—gives your organization a competitive advantage and critical support in the rapidly evolving health care market.

A critical tool in discovery

You know that discovery requires investment. It makes sense to utilize informatics in the early discovery phase, to identify viable candidates and assess their utility. This knowledge provides essential decision support before you invest in further development.

Freedom to explore

You never know where the data may lead you. BHIR is the perfect venue for data initiatives that aren’t linked to supporting your company’s revenue-generating inline product. There’s no overhead, giving you flexibility to pursue these initiatives with much less commitment.

Support the mission of IUPUI

A partnership with BHIR offers recognition that your company is supporting the mission of IUPUI to educate and develop the workforce of tomorrow.

Investment Opportunities

Annual Sponsorship

An annual investment will provide ongoing access to services as you need them.

Project contracts for ad hoc projects

BHIR offers project contracts to address your specific requirements.